Why Whizzard in Education?

Whizzard provides student-centric universities and K-12 educators with the ability to deliver an even richer learning experience with video, that helps drive greater student satisfaction, retention and graduation rates. Whizzard empowers students to use video content libraries in a way they've never been used before! 

Increased engagement of course content

There’s a new mantra in e-learning, and it is called “show, don’t tell”. Research shows that 94% of teachers have found video learning better than teaching through traditional text-books.

Increased research capabilities and resources

All recorded classes and lectures become stored knowledge in content libraries, and can to be accessed at any time by students, course content writers and department/faculty heads.

Better student performance and results

Instant access to the institution’s content library and the ability to search for relevant content to help write course submissions or aid in exam preparation, driving the learning process and providing better results.

Saves time

In the search of information to help write assignments or exam preparation. Students can also search for key topics relevant to their studies that were mentioned in lectures they were unable to attend.

Greater sharing of information

Instantly sharing certain topics discussed in recorded lectures amongst faculty heads or across study groups for the cross-pollination of knowledge, helps facilitate the teaching/learning process.
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