WHIZZARD integrates seamlessly with video capture platforms.

It’s easy to integrate Whizzard with your preferred platforms. You simply connect your existing Zoom, Webex Meetings or Teams credentials and the content within your recorded meetings becomes immediately available to search, create and share.
If you’re having meetings most days on Zoom, imagine being able to remember every critical moment and being able to search back through previous sessions, within a few seconds, to re-compile snippets into a new, much shorter video to share. Well it’s now possible with Whizzard.
If Webex Meetings is your preferred choice for all your video conferencing needs, it just got better. You can now pin-point any conversation in previous sessions that you have recorded in just a few seconds, and compile new video playlists with only the content you want, to share.
Being a Microsoft Partner, we know how great Teams is. Whizzard connects to the new version of Teams and Stream recording capabilities, currently being rolled out by Microsoft.