Whizzard makes recorded video meetings usable and sharable for the very first time.

Whizzard, powered by Linius, enables employees, students and educators to search within and across their video capture platforms to pin-point exact conversations, add video snippets to personalized playlists, edit and share. It's like Spotify for video! 
Whizzard in Business, unlocks the hidden I.P. locked away in recorded meetings, providing organizations with the ability to collaborate and share more intelligence that would have otherwise been left behind in the meeting. 
Whizzard in Education, unlocks the learnings stored away in recorded lectures and online classes, providing students and educators with a richer video learning and teaching experience, to help drive greater student satisfaction, retention and graduation rates.

Whizzard gets the meeting intelligence and information, to the right people, faster and easier than ever before.

1. Search
Search within and across recorded video meetings for particular words or phrases, in a selected time frame, or a chosen session.
2. Create Playlist
Create a new, personalized playlist with only the chosen search results, that Whizzard automatically assembles, in milli-seconds.
3. Share
Effortlessly share new playlists across preferred working platforms, such as Teams, Slack and Confluence, or social networking channels.

Whizzard announced the AIIA VIC 2021 Technology Platform Solution of the Year! 

Whizzard is the Australian Information Industry Association’s (AIIA) 2021 winner of the VIC “Technology Platform Solution of the Year” award. For over 27 years, the Australian Information Industry Association (AIIA) has been driving an innovation nation through their iAwards program. The iAwards is Australia’s longest-running and most broadly scoped innovation recognition program, promoting excellence in the Australian digital ecosystem from the likes of Google Maps, Atlassian, Wotif, and WiseTech Global, and is now, the Australian Information Industry Association’s (AIIA) VIC 2021 Technology Platform Solution of the Year.
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